What can the Construction Industry Center do for me?

There is only one answer. Membership in a trade association can help insure success for the member's future. As never before, business owners are facing mounting demands and are turning to trade associations for information, leadership, and assistance.

The Construction Industry Center has for nearly half a century, assumed leadership in providing services to its members on individual and over-all problems. The C.I.C. has constantly kept abreast of the ever changing conditions in the building and construction industry, developing and maintaining contacts with other civic and building organizations, and governmental agencies, both locally and nationally.

Membership in a trade association makes it possible to secure the benefit of a service, which readily provides you with authoritative information and services.

The Board of Directors, Executive Director, and Staff of C.I.C. pledge to employ their knowledge, experience, imagination, ingenuity, and resourcefulness to create all the services, you, as a member needs!

Qualifications for Membership:

Any person, firm, corporation, or association engaged in any branch of the construction industry employing labor in actual construction work, manufacturing or dealing in construction materials, or engaged in any profession, trade or occupation relative thereto, may be eligible for membership, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.


Active (Full) Membership:

Any proprietorship, partnership, or corporation primarily engaged in the construction industry. This member would typically need the use of plans and specifications in order to conduct their business. Website Plan Access is an available option for full members. Membership Pricing listed on Application.   Apply Now


Associate Membership:

This membership may be any proprietorship, partnership or corporation such as architects, engineers, financial institutions, and bonding agencies that participate with the construction industry or persons who the Board considers an integral part of the construction industry. Membership Pricing listed on Application.  Apply Now


Bulletin Subscription Membership:

Available to any proprietorship, partnership or corporation responsible to the construction industry and over 200 air-mile radius from Rapid City, SD. This membership is restricted to Bulletin Service ONLY and has no voting privileges, no insurance program or the use of plans and specifications. If an office is opened within the 200 air-mile radius, firm will be required to upgrade to Active Membership. Membership Pricing listed on Application.  Apply Now

Primary Services for Contractors, Suppliers, and Manufacturers

The Construction Industry Center is housed in a modern air-conditioned office building, designed to accommodate the needs of all members. Our hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We have a large estimating room with individual booths, each containing individual lighting and electrical outlets.

One of the primary services provided to members is the acquisition and dissemination of construction project information. We publish a comprehensive Weekly Bulletin that is sent over a seven-state area, to keep our membership informed of projects available for bid. The Bulletin contains information on the location and type of project, name of the design firm or agency, plan deposit and bonding information, estimated costs, completion schedules, addenda, firms bidding, tabulations of bids and award notices, upcoming projects, construction news, announcements and other items of interest to the construction industry.

Our Plan Room contains plans and specifications for each listing in the Weekly Bulletin giving our members a central location for obtaining all the information they need to submit a bid on a multitude of projects. Plans and specifications are available for review at the C.I.C. during normal office hours. Our Plan Checkout System allows for plans and specifications to be checked out overnight or over the weekend. We have a photocopier, plotter, and engineering copier that provide the means to copy select plan sheets and specification sections. This helps reduce or eliminate the need to place a deposit on an entire set of plans.

We furnish suppliers and sub-contractors with a list of the prime contractors bidding each project. We maintain a list of sub-contractors and suppliers on all projects for the prime contractors. This list is also used to notify firms of any unexpected changes or last minute addenda to projects bidding.

Architects & Engineers

The Construction Industry Center maintains cordial working relations with the design field, both private and governmental. We provide the means for them to place their plans and specifications before the interested bidders giving more exposure for their projects.

Any information on contemplated projects will be published in our Weekly Bulletin. The wide spread early knowledge of any project, combined with the availability of plans to a large number of interested bidders make for highly competitive bidding on all levels. This type of bidding results in competitive prices for quality materials and workmanship.

Our plan library affords access to all trades bidding a project. Through our plan check-out system fewer sets of plans are necessary, thus reducing the cost of extra sets.

Making your client's plans available to the broad spectrum of C.I.C. membership creates a more competitive bidding environment. Both of these cost saving advantages for you and your client are available through the Construction Industry Center.